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Hi! welcome I'm so excited you're wanting to know a bit more of who I am, and my services!

My name is Marliana Alisemon and I am a second generation Canadian, and a first generation Calgarian. I have had the pleasure of calling Calgary, Alberta my home, for all of my life. 

I'm married for 12 years, to my best friend Craig, and we share a wonderful little boy... who maybe isn't so little anymore! 

I have been aware, and connected to the other side all of my life. As a child I can remember being in the basement with my family, and no one else was in the house but I could hear people having dinner, shuffling chairs in our kitchen upstairs, directly above us. I used to lay in bed at night as a little girl, and listen to them coming up the stairs from the basement. I could see in my mind's eye what they were (talk about not being able to sleep because the skeletons were coming hahah!) I've always had a "knowing" (or intuition) about me, and have always heard, felt and seen things, I just didn't listen.  It was something I didn't understand, and my family never believed when I told them. 


One memory that sticks out for me is when I was 25. I was into online dating at the time as I was working in an industry where I didn't really meet "partner material" and I met Craig online. We spoke for a few days, and eventually made a plan for a first date. Now, first impressions and image led me to believe this was the only date for us. but I was clearly told "you're going to marry this man" and of course, I laughed and shrugged it off... Well he moved in three months later and we have been together ever since!

Fast forward to 36 years old and living through a pandemic, going through many injuries from a car accident I was a passenger in, and feeling pretty hopeless. I had gotten to the point of questioning why I was even here. 

Well, my God had other plans for me. I woke up. I woke up hard and fast. I blew open my ego, my heart and surrendered to my highest good, and to my God.

I can be called a "sentient being" as I feel the world, literally. I see, hear, feel, smell and taste. I am one very sensitive empath, psychic medium, healer and energy-worker. 

My readings are a unique blend of energy-work, medium ship and guidance. You will find a safe space with me, with truth and compassion, raw connection.

What can you expect in a session?

My readings are what is intended for you. Not what you want to ask, or think you need to hear. I am directly connected to my God, others God's, spirits and beings, elementals and animals. More often than not my readings are a naked look. This can be about you, and your life situation, it can entwine the people around you, it can flow through the past and sometimes we look ahead. Often loved ones make an appearance but it is not always the focus. Each reading is extremely unique to the individual. I will often have information about you before our session starts. 

This is a part of my energy work. I connect to you, your soul's energy. If you come to me "closed"  and "testing" me energetically and in your heart-space the session will be quick as I won't be able to do, what I'm intended to do for you.

If you come to me "open" energetically and in your heart-space we will have a great session, that may go for 30 minutes to over 2 hours depending on what is there for you in your energy, and from the other side.

I will determine in the session if you need energetic healing, and will provide that also. I can do any part of my reading in person, or  worldwide whether it is a phone call, or a video chat. I've done readings and energy work in Australia, Nigeria, South Africa.. all from my home with unparalleled success.

You will see me with a pad of blank paper, and pencils on hand. Possibly candles if I'm guided to light them to bring a stronger call to your energy. Not only will we speak of information I'm getting, I draw, doodle and scratch on paper. And the images will make no sense to me, but will ring bells for you. 

You will leave with tools in your belt whether it be grief work, breath work, tapping or meditation and more.

you have the option of taking your original reading paper home with you. If you choose to leave it with me, I tuck them into a portfolio and they are set on a shelf. I do not show anyone these papers as they're intense with energy, and very personal.

Once our session is done, I almost always do a "release of burdens,pain and energy" and this is through canvas painting. I am often guided to offer herbs to the energy such as sage or sweet-grass, healing stones and always a prayerful smudge before it is sealed. You will have the option to purchase your energetic painting at a discounted rate, before offering it for purchase to the public.

Marliana and Craig

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