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a release pour painting from a mediumship session with worldwide psychic medium Marliana Alisemon

Apologies to My Love #53

SKU: 53

Titled "Apologies to My Love"

You will see olive jade placed throughout it combines the green rays of growth with the yellow rays of pure sunshine, a time of development, strength and maturity. It enhances our receptiveness to new meanings and ideas, and lights the path to wisdom and understanding.

You will see Howlite to calm the anger inside of you.

Yellow jade to help you learn from your experiences ❤️

Black stones to represent the hardship in the last season of this marriage. ❤️

The rose petal signifies the sacrifice both wife and husband have both made in this marriage and relationships. And the leaf signifies new beginnings and strength.

The sea shell is from the sacred Island of Ni'Ihau Hawaii, and it representative of the spiritual world. Connecting you to it and your guides more.

I was guided to offer the energy sage and you will see it throughout the paint. Finished with a good smudge, and a blessing from my Tibetian Singing Bowl.

All paintings are numbered and catalogued.


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