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a release pour painting from a mediumship session with worldwide psychic medium marliana alisemon

Finding Love Within

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Finding Love Within

This was a big release of burden, resentment and anger from a reading. 

You will see green aventurine to encourage the heart and to ease relationships. Rose quartz for increased heaertspace and healing, self love. Red selenite for calm, clarity and well being. 

You will see Shamanic symbols in the paint for distance healing, healing yourself. And you will see the Master Reiki symbol "Fire Serpent" to ground all the negative.  I was guided to offer this energy sage, a prayerful smudge and a blessing with my Tibetian singing bowl.


The crack in the paint are thre burdens and pain taken.

Can you see the channeled characters in this painting?


All paintings are numbered and cataolgued. 

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