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a release pour painting from a mediumship session with worldwide psychic medium marliana alisemon

For My Daughter #54

SKU: 54

Titled "For my Daughter"

This was a slow release from a session I did on holidays.

You will see Rose petals were offered to this energy to signify mom and daughter's sacrifices within the family. Baby's breath is a symbol of unity and spirituality. The energy was offered seashells from the Sacred island of Ni'Ihau Hawaii representing your intuition and connections, also to allow for stability and strength as mom and daughter flow through this journey.

Turquoise was placed for to allow for more openness towards love and forgiveness, and to aid in releasing the patterns of self sabotage.

Snowflake obsidian was offered as well to help them both in recognizing thought patterns and behaviors.

White Howlite to bring down the anger and frustration in the home. Showered with Amethyst to promote digestive health, reduce headaches and symptoms and will help to alleviate those feelings of grief and sadness in the home. The single leaf represents the new beginnings coming forward.

Blessed with an intentional song on my Tibetian singing bowl. I was guided to offer sage to the energy, and finish with a deep prayerful smudge.

All paintings are numbered and catalogued.


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