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2am Ghost Winks by Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana Alisemon

Bathtub spiritual message worldwide psychic medium Marliana Alisemon empath healer energyworker

Welcome Back! Last night was intense, and a lot of fear came in to play.

What happened? I was greeted at 2am this morning with some big old 2am Ghost Winks. in my main bathroom ( I grabbed on to "Ghost Wink" from Disney's 2023 movie Haunted Mansion... It just feels right and so I shall use it. )

Now these experiences are not out of the normal for me. If you're new here My name is Marliana Alisemon Psychic Medium, Empath and Healer, Energy worker, My purpose is to be in service to Him, and that has many facets to it. A part of my purpose here is to help the ones who have passed find their way Home to Divine energy, or to ground back to Gaia to thread into other energies and come back as something, someone different and try again. So I will often experience 2am Ghost Winks as they're sometimes tirelessly trying to grab my attention. Time is a human construct so they really don't care when they come (I am in human form after all and somedays I can be very human and my awareness isn't always on stealth mode, specially when I am HARD SLEEPING HAHA!)

Blogpost ghost winks worldwide psychic medium Marliana Alisemon empath healer energyworker
Me, Fast Asleep

I am normally not a great sleeper with my injuries and chronic pain so I tend to be on the lighter side of sleep. and I could feel myself being woken up but I couldn't figure out why. I knew I heard the bathtub air jets turn on but we also have a fan going in our room most nights so this led to confusion half asleep and starting to come back in to consciousness,

I laid awake for a minute, gathering my wherewithal and I finally woke up my husband, In my confusion I though he'd left something going in our half bath in our bedroom. Now my husband is insanely protective and loving and when things go bump in the night he is up like the FLASH hahaha! He Jumped out of bed and went around in the darkness of our bedroom hunting for what we thought was a different sound. Out of nowhere he shouts "It's the bathtub jets!?!" and he goes barreling out of our bedroom down the hall to the main bathroom. And he was right. Our air jet tub has turned on for the 2am party.

ghost winks blog worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana Alisemon empath healer energyworker
2am party in my bathroom

He turned it off, and came back to bed very confused. He couldn't understand why they were turning on so early in the morning. so we laid back in bed and chat, I asked him to ask if he had a visitor with him and he said the answer he received was no and I did confirm that he was right, It was me who had the visitors, VISITORS! not just one, but many. In fact it was an entire classroom of kids. I had seen them coming in slowly to my minds eyes vision. And all I could hear on a loop was "Chernobyl" I sat with it, and watched these kids kind of fumbling and very afraid, hiding behind each other.

Chernobyl School Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana ALisemon empath healer energyworker ghost wink
Chernobyl School

The fear kept creeping in to me. I was by the second becoming more and more afraid to the point where I started crying loudly and everything in me wanted to hide under the bed.

Instead of me running under the bed, my husband came close and pulled me in, allowed me to cry and let their pain and fear go. It was truly... terrorizing, incomprehensible pain and fear. And I couldn't have a more patient and accepting partner to have this journey with.

The fear and pain slowly died down, and my tears dried up. I hugged and kissed my husband and told him to go to sleep (He can sleep anywhere through anything, after anything hahaha!) And I waited until he was situated and his breathing fell deep so I could speak with Creator/God. I asked if these guys were ready to come home and I was given the green light to do so. I see very clearly the stairwells. They are cool toned, all stone. One spirals up and one spirals down to Gaia. I guided them to the stairs and let them decide where to go. I encouraged them to go Home. And it was a good split of going Home, and grounding to Gaia.

Stairs to Home. Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana ALisemon empath healer energyworker ghost wink
Going Home

I laid there, and waited until I couldn't see what was happening anymore. The last thing I could see was Him, and he took my packages of pain and fear from me. I thanked Him for his support and love and care. I loved on Him. And I fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the read.

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