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Are You an Empath?

Updated: Jan 19

"Why are you so fucking moody?? You're all over the place. One minute you're happy and the next you're crying. I can't handle this" Is one of many sentences I have heard over my lifetime, how about you?

Growing up I didn't have the "normal" childhood where kids were supervised, disciplined right and loved, nurtured and cared for; so I never had the chance to explore why I've felt like this daily, right from my childhood straight through to my late 20's.

I didn't have opportunities to explain my feelings, or even that I was allowed to express them in a safe place. I didn't know how to honour what I was feeling, or "release" what I was feeling, or holding on to. Because of this, I was often seen as irrational, mood swings constantly, over the top.

One example that stands out for me, is a big one, and one I've had to understand, come to terms with and heal many years of self inflicted trauma.

From the time I was eight years old right up until the time my beautiful sister came out as transgender (MtoF) at the age of 32 to me (she had come out to her partner years before)

I had strong feelings of "being in the wrong body" and I struggled, a very silent, internal struggle for many, many years. I swallowed those feelings. I swallowed a big ego in terms of self judgement, berating myself constantly, and judging myself against others. I felt different in my own body, and I swallowed how gross I felt constantly. I wanted nothing more than to just feel like me at the core. But I didn't, and I couldn't because I constantly felt like I needed to be in a different body. As a female and a teenager going through puberty you can imagine how hard that was, how lonely I was.

I began eating way more than I should at a young age. Partially because of those very specific feelings about my body, but also the other side; how I was raised, beaten and neglected all played a big part in how I ate. So I hid, in my chubby body, in my big clothes and put the face of a brave and strong tom boy on.

In knowing my gifts now, and looking back on my life, and those experiences and feelings I can clearly connect the dots as to why I felt the way I did surrounding my body and the fact I felt like I shouldn't be in it.

And this is where Empath's I believe lose themselves a lot of the time. First off I believe many of us don't understand what type of Empath we are. Their are six types of Empaths, did you know that? Lets explore them a little bit!

  1. The Emotional Empath - You Absorb the emotions and sorrow of others as if it were your own.

Does this sound like you? Have you gone to a friend's home, and the minute you get there you're whole attitude and energy field change? How about chatting to the cashier at the grocery store? principal at your kids School? There are many situations depending on how sensitive of an Empath you are as to how and where you absorb from people around you.

Ask yourself some questions next time you notice your emotions, attitude and energy change and listen closely. Here are a couple of questions to help you get started. "Are these feelings my own?" "Am I becoming the disturbance I've absorbed?"

2. The Physical Empath - Feels and absorbs pain and symptoms of others physically.

Maybe this one sounds more like you, have you encountered an experience where a friend who is close to you has let us say a back ache.. and all of a sudden you've absorbed it and are now in pain, yet your friend is fine and the pain is gone.

A memorable experience for me, is recently we have had new people purchase the home beside us. And of course, they decided to have a house warming party. Well my friends, I haven't had a drink in years (I don't drink) and I was obliterated. The room was spinning, I was dizzy and lightheaded and the usual signs of drinking way too much were coming! My mouth was watering, I was getting very nauseated. I haven't felt that drunk since my early twenties.

Acknowledging what isn't yours, is half of the battle. Learning how to release it, in a way that works for your unique "spiritual recipe" is very unique to you, and can be different from "sue's" way of releasing. We will explore a couple of techniques here at the end.

3. The Geomantic Empath - Has fine attunement to physical landscapes such as a house, place or country.

Have you ever gone into a building, and felt everything say "NO!"... Maybe you've gone to a country and felt it's turmoil and suffering. If you are tuned in to how the world feels at any given time, this could be you. I know, that not only myself but my son and my husband exhibit this gift. It is a great indication for them of places that serve, and places that don't. Trust your knowing, your intuition.

4. The Earth Empath - Closely connected to Earth and nature and feels when things such as weather or ocean's tides change.

I often know when the weather is shifting. I feel the earthquakes from around the world as they're happening, or before they start. Have you had an experience like that? Just knowing when weather changes, feeling the weather and climate from around the world? If so, this could be you!

5. The Intuitive Empath - Is in tune with his/her/their inner state and lets the intuition lead the way.

Do you listen? When we listen, we suffer less. Our intuition, our knowing is our God, our Guides, our Highest Good trying to lead us away from any more suffering then we already have to go through and when we don't listen we often find ourselves in a bit of a struggle.

I encourage you to look back. Was there a time when you didn't listen, and how did that play out? Were there more struggles? time wasted? Trusting your "gut" or your intuition is a key part of Spirituality, your confidence in making decisions and within yourself.

6. The Animal Empath - Is able to feel and understand the emotions of animals.

Have you ever thought "Who needs humans, when I have animals?" Then this might be you. Are you the kind of person who finds the pets at all the gatherings and parties? Persons with this type of empathy usually can feel the animals needs and wants, their energy and can communicate with them in a way no one else can.

In my house, our family cat only has eyes for me, is 24/7 following me around waiting for me to be in a position where he can shove himself right into my heart space and stay there purring.

I often have wildlife in my yard such as deer, and they are never bothered by me or my husband. We sit with them, feed them out of our palms (grass or wheat from the yard as they're already eating it... all the bird food that falls from the feeders haha!)

Alright, phew! We have explored all six types of Empaths! Have you figured out which one you are? Maybe you have a variety, or all six. Myself, I am all six; and you're right it can be exhausting.

Learning how to decipher what is yours and what isn't is a practice in itself. Constantly asking questions, constantly learning to feel and not think so much. Acknowledging the situation is half of the battle. The other half is letting go.

What works for me personally, are a couple of different ways. The first way for me is crying. It is a beautiful release and a transmutor of energy. You can bet your bottom dollar, I cry daily and it's healthy and beautiful and cleansing.

Another way for me is having a warm bath, with Himilayan salts in it. Did you know that Himilayan salts have eighty four different minerals to extract energy, and balance your own. I bathe at least once a week, more if I'm really feeling "full" I also stay in the bathtub, until the water has drained, and then I rinse off with warm water, leading to cool/cold water finish.

Grounding. It is so important. There are many ways to ground your energy, others energy.

one is visualization; you can sit with your feet planted solid on the ground and close your eyes. Begin to visualize roots growing out of your feet and they start growing through the floor, to the crust of the earth, through it and the rock and clay right down to Gaia's core. you can then "see" yourself offering her the energy through your roots. and when you feel you're done, you can then "see" yourself bringing up all of the love she has to offer you,

You can ground in other ways too. explore them, do your research and test it all out! You will find what works for you, and your "Spiritual Recipe"

Here is a YouTube video for you to explore QiGong for grounding negative energy, a beginners exercise.

Okay! I hope you've had a good read, found some information you can pull from to add to your "recipe" and maybe even figure out what type of Empath you are. Best wishes guys.

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