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A Spiritual Moment

date night and spiritual moment over christmas
date night

Hi guys! I'm back!

I thought I would write something short, fun and meaningful right before Christmas. It is a spiritual moment with my husband on our date night on the 20th of December.

This is a fun one.

My son's last day of school before his Christmas break was on Wednesday here this past week. And for a while now when he went to his grandparents they put him to work making gifts for the family for Christmas {this is not what he wanted to be doing I might add}

Wednesday he was asked if he'd like to go over for just a fun sleepover (won't be many more of these as he's entering his teen years) and he jumped at the chance.

Of course Craig and I jumped at the chance also, to go out just the two of us for dinner.

steak dinner at smugglers inn yyc
steak dinner

Once Craig got home we chat and decided we would head out for a steak/prime rib dinner at Smugglers Inn here in Calgary, Alberta. Now for those of you that live here and know the restaurant had closed for awhile, under new management and did some much needed renos. It has been a Calgary staple as far back as I can remember. (it hasn't always been good food, so this is why we though we would try it again)

We run upstairs and get changed and head out. As soon as we were at the front door, I saw a figure with many arms behind me and immediately I thought of Shiva or Vishnu. I mentioned it to my husband, and he was kind of waiting for me to come to clarity on who it was. I felt very strongly it was Vishnu, and once I said it and had it confirmed for me from Spirit (Ishmael) they showed themselves CLEARLY, I mean crispy clear. And I was told they would be with me throughout the rest of the holiday season.

A little alarmed, I chose to ask Him if this was a positive. And he told me yes, a huge positive. A blessing.

Angel numbers on clocks, license plates and more
Angel Numbers

So we left and got in the car, Every time I leave the house I'm usually flooded with Angel Numbers, and this night was no different. They were on our phones, on the car clock and almost every license plate passing. I knew there was a deep message here.

I had been feeling a little "restricted" over a couple of weeks, and couldn't figure out why.

These two instances coming up here happened simultaneously so bare with me as I try to explain this hahaha!

traffic at night
traffic at night

We were on Glenmore and we were chatting about dinner. Angel numbers flying everywhere with license plates and all of a sudden an image and a strong urge came up. RED LOBSTER. I can't make this stuff up you guys hahaha! As this image and urge came up, I mentioned it to Craig. He asked me where that came from so I explained the feeling and image coming in. He laughed and said "Who wants Red Lobster?" and no word of a lie, a truck pulled in front of us with the license plate ERWIN1.

Think about this license plate you guys... ERWIN WON! hahah!

Of course I took a second to ask, if this is what was meant for us... Red Lobster. I heard "yes, I need some seafood before I go" … and it was a spirit, who I'm pretty sure his name was Erwin and He WON! I heard him, and he got to experience a last taste before joining Home and reconnecting.

Red Lobster meal
Red Lobster

Craig and I had such a good laugh over this. And we both at the same time saw applause.

Now, during this little event another one was happening for me. I was also speaking with Spirit and he was offering insight to me on why Vishnu was with me. What was spoken about was strength and protection. But what I was shown was Vishnu sitting behind me, and I sitting in front, both of us on the floor of what I can only describe as a Divine Home I could see lots of gold around on the floors and walls. Truthfully it felt like Vishnu's temple.

And what was happening was their many arms were combing through my wings, meticulously going through each feather and removing spiritual "mites" and "bugs" … I could also say blocks and attachments in my energetic field.

Vishnu God

Truthfully my friends I was a little alarmed, Throughout my spiritual journey, a few times with Vishnu and Shiva I was blocked and delayed (all with purpose) so I shared with my husband what was happening, and that it was with Spirit's (Ishmael) blessing that this was unfolding.

Craig snapped me out of being alarmed with "Say thank you, now!"

And so I did. I continued to watch them comb through my wings in awe, and said thank you repeatedly. At this point I've got tears effortlessly streaming down my face and we are almost at Red Lobster.

I took a moment to dry my eyes, and share the gratitude I was feeling with Him, it was SO IMMENSE I was told I would continue to shape and grow spiritually and that He was so proud of me. I clearly saw us both in a tight and loving embrace. I thanked him, and I thanked my husband for allowing this all to unfold naturally and for his loving support and insight as things were coming up,

Once we were in Red Lobster, and seated. It was Just Craig and I and Erwin in the foreground.

Dinner was INCREDIBLE. I mean... Moan out loud, slide off your seat incredible, This is what Home is, Bliss.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog, a huge heartfelt thank you for continuing to stop in and read!

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