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Elbow Falls, a Loving and Healing Piece of Heaven

place of healing and relaxation. worldwide. psychic medium. psychic readings. marliana alisemon
Elbow falls

I have been coming to this spot for many years.

It has been my place to reset and renew for as long as I can remember. The last time I was out here was last year, around this time and I came alone. A lot of the time I bring my family for the shared experience as we all immensely benefit from being there.

My injuries were dampening my vibe, and life in general was just... Hard.

This particular journey I was really having a tough go with my injuries. SO I was on a mission.

I packed up my snacks, my alcohol markers and colouring books, I made sure I had gas and I was off for the day.

Restorative water flow, elbow falls. psychic medium. worldwide. psyching readings. marliana alisemon
Elbow falls

I grabbed my ice packs, and once I was seated in the car I shoved them down my small back and I was off! Little did I know this was going to be a challenge right from the start. Now, If any of you truly know me the first thing you know to be true of me is I am directionally inept. I have lived in Alberta for 40 years, and travel all over the city... But I could not tell you how to get somewhere. (well, I can share some directions, but not many hahaha!)

So it's me, my little Soul (KIA) and my day, GPS decides todays the day it was gonna take me on a goose chase. It had asked me to come in one way, and stated roads and gates are open. And to my dismay... They weren't. I called Parks Alberta, and they informed me to go another way, an extra 45min on my journey.

By now I had been driving for a bit and things were sore and I was getting a little ancy. So I head back out the way I came and do my best to figure out the other entrance.

Well that in itself was a struggle. As someone who has no sense of direction I was almost ready to head home.

My back was now throbbing and my eyes were beginning to tear up but I had figured out my way and I was almost there. I turned up my music and sang as loud as I could to release some of the pain. When I got there, and parked you best believe I had to pee and have a stretch so bad.

I found myself in the bathrooms, and then eventually made my way back to my car to grab my colouring stuff, water and a snack. The sun was already beginning to set, I had spent way too much time driving and I felt a sense of defeat.

Until I walked out of the trees and into my spot, my piece of Heaven.

Waterfalls, so relaxing and re-energizing. psychic medium. Marliana Alisemon. psychic readings, worldwide.
Elbow Falls

I took a very deep breath, and I held it for I don't know how long. I just stood, and stared. The absolute miracle of everything I could see and smell, hear and feel... Took my breath away. And it does every time I step on that land.

I tend to appreciate the miracle and beauty in everything, but there is something about this spot for me, that just does it. When I collected myself, I slowly walked around and integrated, absorbed and dropped everything I had been "holding on to" emotionally.

Do you have a spot like this?

my sacred spot for recharging. psychic medium. Marliana ALisemon. Psychic readings. worldwide
elbow falls

The picture above here, Is my spot. I am sitting on a giant rock and behind me is the most SOUL SATISFYING waterfall, with gorgeous blue and green hues, all the bubbles... And I am alone.

I get myself turned around and I take off my rubber soles and my socks and my toes dip in to the glacier cold water and with it came a very deep, releasing exhale.

Dipping my toes in the waterfall. Psychic medium. Worldwide. Psychic readings. Marliana Alisemon
Elbow Falls

I took out my colouring book and markers and just coloured. I moved around from place to place to keep my physical body moving and shifting, but I stayed until I couldn't colour in the lines anymore because the sun was setting so quickly behind the trees. My toes were completely numb from the water but my heart felt so good. My soul felt fulfilled in a way I hadn't felt in a little while.

I sauntered slowly back to my car, feeling my self, and noticing what the water had washed away and soaking in the last moments I would be there. I packed all my belongings in the back and got in to make the drive home. I cried, I laughed and I sang my heart out.

I was ready for another day, another moment, human experience.

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