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PRAISEB2GOD is the Way Home

Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana Alisemon. Healer. Empath. Energyworker.

Good morning!

Welcome back family! It has been a while since I last posted some shared experiences! And I thought a way to kick off the blog again is to put out a light and quick read of an experience I would love to share with you.

The title PRASIEB2GOD is actually a license plate! So lets backtrack a bit to the start.

Now, this is going to be a vulnerable moment for me. One that I haven't shared with others.

so listen closely.

I am balding.

Ill say it again, I'm balding.

Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana Alisemon, empath and healer, energyworker
Bald Woman

Not patches of hair falling out LOL! But It is thinning at a faster pace than it should. For those of you who know me; know that vanity isn't in the forefront for me but there is something that I identify with, in my hair and I would prefer to not lose it all. Make sense?

I noticed this pattern around Oct/Nov last year I could start to see my scalp through my hair line.

And so I've been diligent in seeking answers and help, with my hair but also gut health, hormones etc. Because as we know it can all play a part in why things are happening in your body and its ecosystem.

Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana Alisemon, Empath and healer, energyworker
Doctor Visit

And so it began. Ruling all of the 3D, physical stuff out. And truthfully, while going through all of this I had some fear and stress around it. I was also looking at my breast health and so much more. Working to trust and surrender as much as I could, and leaving it in His hands. Even the most positive person, spiritual person, centered person can still have these feelings, they just don't become them, swell in them or play them out. It is a practice and this journey has definitely strengthened this aspect of my Self.

(SIDENOTE: Please use your voice, advocate for yourself and your health family. Also know that ultrasounds are available for breast exams, not just the horrendous squishing machine)

Worldwide Psychic Medium empath and healer, energyworker Marliana Alisemon

And so I did my research while I was waiting for these appointments to come and go. I was smiling and laughing in the face of fear around my health and took it with grace and I went through it as best I could. The day came for my bloodwork and urine test and they sprung it on me I had to do a 24h urine test as well, hahaha! Can you see me toting around a jerry can of pee?

My only thought was "How did My life get to this point? I am toting around a jerry can of pee" and at that, I couldn't stop laughing! What else can I do in these moments of stress and fear, having things come up as surprise through your medical journey.

Like the day I went for my pelvic ultrasound, LOL they sprung it on me I also had to do an internal ultrasound, oh joy! The fun and surprise's truly never stop.

Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana Alisemon, empath and healer, energyworker
Blood and Urine Testing

I go through all of this, I manage to take my jerry can back to the lab, and then its the "we wait" game.

Sometimes the waiting can be the hardest part. (Thanks Tom Petty LOL)

I headed back to my Endocrinologist this past week to learn the results of my blood and urine testing and to hopefully find a path moving forward.

I was driving to the medical center, and I could clearly see someone in my back seat. They had this beautiful light, longish hair and in a sweater and jeans and very loving energy. And when I tuned into this person, I was shown it was Jesus, My homie! Jesus often comes in for jokes and laughter, support and care when I least expect it. and he came in for the ride to my appointment and he offered warmth and strength and reassurance for me. I cried. As usual hahaha! I cried. This picture of Buddy Christ is such a resonance to his energy and bond with me.

Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana Alisemon. Empath and healer, energyworker
Buddy Christ

I am sitting in the Endo office, and I find my leg shaking (nervousness) and its not my normal. so that was my signal to come back into my space and breathe.

I received wonderful news that everything is in balance from the snapshot she got with my testing, and that I could try this medication that would block androgens (Testosterone production) and hopefully see some new hair growth. She also encouraged me to get on weight loss medication.

While I believe western medicine has its place in the world and can be a huge positive, I also believe in plant and earth medicine, and how this all effects our systems internally and such.

I graciously took the prescriptions from my doctor (Still haven't filled them) and I will sit with it, and ask for clarity, and see what my Highest Good has to say, what God/Spirit has to say.

I did, have done and will continue to do enough research that I know my hormones are off balance, even mildly. So for now I am changing my overall diet and how I flow through my eating habits, how I'm supporting my gut health and more, including natural supplements.

Marliana Alisemon, worldwide psychic medium and empath, healer, energyworker
Foods for Gut Health

The immense feeling of love and support washed over me as I was leaving the Endo office. I could feel so much relief, and love and support all at once it was becoming a bit overwhelming. I walked back to my Soul with a bounce in my step and a reverence for Him.

As I sat back in to my car and closed the door, my tears started to fall and they were a blend of my own, Gods and my support team.

I sat there in gratitude for what felt like an hour and I thanked Him for all the ways I feel his love and support and care for my Self, my family and the world around me. I heard back so much love and reverence for me, care and support, It was incredibly beautiful and strengthened my bond to Him. (Just when I think our bond is 100% LOL silly me it grew, expanded, changed)

And I turned on the car, Bluetooth connected my phone and hit shuffle on YouTube Music.

And wouldn't you know, the messages kept coming through music.

The Songs that played in order are;

The Script - Hall of Fame (My path)

Jesse Glynne - Ill be There for You (My loving connection to Him)

Justin Bieber - Purpose (My son, my husband)

Alicia Keys - This Girl is On Fire (My energy and path, associated with song 1)

Adele - Make You Feel My Love (His love for me, for us universally)

P!nk - Walk Me Home (He walks us all Home, it's a hard world to be in)

And let me tell you family the tears just kept streaming, I couldn't stop smiling. I pulled out of the parking lot and started to make my way home. And this car pulls out in front of me, solid white hatchback with the license plate "Key2Home" I smiled at the license plate, and the pure white of the vehicle it was on and I again, turned to Him and thanked him with all of my heart for the keys to Home.

And within 2 minutes, another car pulled up in front of me for a brief second to change lanes and get off Bow Trail. The license plate read "PRAISEB2GOD" and that made me start laughing right from the bottom of my belly I was outwardly laughing. At the sign, the synchronicity and the clear direct message that I've known for a long time in my heart.

worldwide psychic medium marliana alisemon, empath and healer, energyworker
Gratitude is the Attitude

The Message?

for me, personally the message was that I am Home, I am in His arms and in His grace. And my reverence for Him, my gratitude for Him will continuously allow me the keys.

And whatever I am going through it will work out for my Highest Good, and for Him.

For us as a collective?

The keys to Home are available here, right now to you and to me.

What are the keys?

It is a whole bunch of Faith, trust and surrender and the reverence, gratitude and connection to and with God/Spirit. When we can see the beauty in our dark and light moments, and be grateful, and trust it regardless of the outcome you have been given the keys to Home.

Home is here. Right now. The more you can sit with the beauty, and see it in all its connectedness and unity, You have found Home.

The more gratitude you can share for this beauty, unity and connectedness the more gratitude you share for your life and the immediate in it the more you open spiritually and emotionally and the more you see Home, live at Home, feel Home.

Home is Love.

I am.

I am.

"I am love" - Ram Dass

PRAISEB2GOD is the Way Home.

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you've enjoyed the read!

Id be honored if you clicked the links below and followed along in my journey!

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