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The Spiritual Recipe

Updated: 1 day ago

your spiritual recipe is unique to you and your vibration and frequency, what works for your recipe wont work for another's spiritual recipe.
Spiritual Recipe

Welcome back! I am so excited to do this blog post, as I've been mentioning it and meaning to get to this topic for a while.

What is a spiritual recipe?

It is a very intricate combination of movement, thought, sight and sound, taste and smell, energy and awareness. How we practice self care, How people express themselves, heal, use their gifts spiritually and even flowing through how to protect yourself, family and your home.

It's truly a combination that is as unique to you and your path and purpose, as your vibration and frequency are to this universe.

Everyone has a unique path and purpose, laid out for their life's journey before they come to Earth. And dependent on your human experience and what is required from you is how your recipe is formed.

spiritual journey can be long and exhausting like the lady bug's journey but it is full of truth and raw connection.
Spiritual Journey

Let's look at me here as an example okay?

Because of my human experience and my chosen path, my vibration and frequency there are things that work, and don't work for me. A good example would be that I in no way can protect my home and keep the negatives, evil, combative or otherwise out of my home. Why? A part of my plan here is to reconnect ALL with Home and their God/creator. That means I am like a beacon I attract all spirits in all forms who are needed home or are needed to ground and reconnect to try again with a new frequency and energy. So my home? it is a bus station for transitioned energy and spirits quite literally.

But for someone maybe like you, it would be appropriate for you to lay protection in your home and it would work for you like a hot knife slicing butter... Smooth and easy.

Do you know some of your spiritual boundaries in your recipe?

Another example from my personal experience is that grounding doesn't always equal a release of energy for me. Again its that vibration and frequency and how it works with the energy I've absorbed or the spirits and beings that come to me. What works for one situation doesn't always work for the next. I have to fine tune my "dial" so to speak to have the correct recipe for each energy and vibration that comes to me.

One spirit might need acknowledgement, name and energy type (masculine or feminine)

and the next may need to feel love and compassion from me, so I hold my heart lovingly and encourage them to reconnect.

This recipe for me, is constantly being tweaked, things added and things taken away.

You will see and I am sure of it have seen many mystics throughout your life with unique attire, hair colour and accessories. This is a part of their unique recipe to them. Why? Because everything is energy and vibration, frequency. And while purple may work for you to be more aligned with your spirituality it won't work for Jane down the hill.

I know I cycle in what is appropriate for clothing colours, accessories etc. Right now, colours that don't serve my gifts and spirituality are rose gold, silver, purple, yellow and I can't wear clothing with advertisements.

Whereas 6 months ago, I could wear them and have them serve me well.

SPiritual journeys often include appropriate colors and accessories in your clothing. It may make your spiritual journey more clear or it may block you from truth.
Spiritual Attire

I've found crystals and healing stones are used differently with each person as well. Many mystics use them, and many don't!

Mine almost talk to me, and I tend to carry ones I know I need with me throughout the day. I meditate with them, and they take stagnant energy from folks in my sessions. I know some of my clients say their stones "jump" out at them, literally jump out and go missing or roll across the floor. They just know when you're done with them it seems, or if they're needing a break (we all do) because mine will often do the same thing, especially my citrine! I am on number 3 stone, and it has also cracked and broken, haha!

Some highly spiritual people live in a spotless, sparkling environment, Some live in Chaos. Some love and respect their temple and only put good in. And some only eat junk food and put everything in. Some drink alcohol and some don't. Some need flash of advertising and promoting and eccentric accessories, and some have a 'drawing in' energy and it is all they need.

everyone had a spiritual recipe. Take a moment, and examine your spirituality do you have a practice, How do you dress? What do you take in daily? is your 'awareness' always on, or does it come in and out like the tides?

Are you aware of yourself enough to know when things aren't serving you anymore, when your dial needs to be tuned in?

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