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The Truth is Yours for the Taking.

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The spiritual truths inside movies. Healer. Empath. Worldwide. global. psychic
Netflix Truth

Have you ever watched a movie, and had those "spiritual chills" wash over you at certain points?

Have you listened to a song that gave you the same feeling? Typically those chills are a truth, right to your Highest Good, your Soul level. Pay attention next time you get those all over goose bumps and chills. What were you doing or thinking? What were you watching or listening to? The message will always be there, it's a matter of listening and dropping expectations and limiting beliefs.

I'm going to share with you some of the truths I have been shown through music and movies today just for fun and shared experience.

"We Have a Ghost" came out this year, 2023 to Netflix. The synopsis reads "The discovery that their house is haunted by a Ghost named Ernest makes Kevin's family a social media sensation. But when Kevin and Ernest get to the bottom of the mystery of Ernest's past, they become targets of the CIA" This doesn't even begin to cover what this movie meant and was about so I'll give a bit more information.

Kevin is the youngest in his family of 4, mom and dad and older brother. He isn't interested in Social Media, or likes or attention. He is very much his own unique person in a family where "attention" Is what they crave, desire. His dad had many start up businesses that failed. And every time he failed, he would pick up his family and move for a "fresh start" with new opportunities. There is no stability or routine for both kids, and mom was tired and "going with the flow" , swallowing to avoid confrontation.

Kevin's dad was anxiously looking for that "something" to be able to bring income in, gain the recognition he wanted and felt he deserved, regardless of how it made his family feel or the position it put them in.

Kevin on their first night in the new home was awoken by footsteps above him in the attic. He wasn't scared, he grabbed his phone and turned on the flashlight and went cautiously upstairs. He slowly panned through the attic, and eventually the ghost appeared . He's a middle aged man with a bowling shirt on, and the name on the shirt is Ernest. All Ernest could do was show anger, and upset. He growled and groaned and tried to get the boy to show fear and leave, When in fact all Kevin did was record him and giggle that this is what he was shown. Ernest gets frustrated and disappears. The next day Kevin goes back upstairs and just sits with it. He calls out for Ernest to come back... And eventually he does. He sits with Kevin. And Kevin decides to ask how he got this way, if he can talk. It comes about Ernest can't remember how he died or what happened. He can't speak and he's been stuck here for a very long time.

Kevins brother comes up, and interrupts what Kevin and Ernest were doing and of course Ernest disappears again. His brother was aggressively asking for his phone, as the night before his phone was taken away. They got into a bit of a spat and Ernest, still not seen helps Kevin and shoves his brother out of the way. Eventually his brother ends up with his phone and sees the video. Dad walks in and is demanding he see this also. And eventually demanded Kevin send him his personal video. Being a "good son" and following his dad's wants, he does. And within 24 hours his dad has put it up on Youtube to gain followers, likes and hopefully monetary gain... This was his ticket to fame.

Ghosts haunting a house. Psychic. Medium. empath. worldwide. global.
We Have a Ghost

Kevin had no idea, until he got to school and things started to unfold.

I'll tie it up here to say the rest of this movie, is about Kevin and his open mind and heart to helping someone find their way Home after being so lost and stuck for so very long. He joins his neighbor who is a female and around his age at his school. Kevin decides to follow his intuition and his heart and try to find the acknowledgement Ernest needed, to be able to go Home. He defies the CIA, he defies his parents wishes. His inner value muscle got a work out because he did what was needed for him, and for Ernest. No one else.

They ended up finding Ernest's killer, and Ernest's daughter. The killer was a friend of his, and they had taken his daughter in as if she was their own as his wife was unable to have children and they killed Ernest to do it. Ernest got the closure he needed from this, and he got to see his daughter again, all grown up,

The acknowledgement of what happened, the love that was given to Ernest to help him find his way home and the lessons and growth for Kevin and his friend and his family all tied in to Ernest being able to find his way Home.

This story was a validation and confirmation of a part of my purpose here. I am here to help the lost ones, the hurt ones, ones with so much burden they can't see Home, the light, and don't understand they've died. I'm what my mentor and myself have dubbed lovingly "His bus stop" I get everyone and anyone coming to me, literally.

Bus stop for souls and spirits alike. Psychic medium marliana alisemon. empath. healer. worldwide. global
Bus Stop for everyone

I have had celebrities, Gods, warriors, babies, animals, elementals and everything in between come to me, to be able to find their way Home. and I go through the same process of acknowledgement. Sometimes they don't talk out of fear. Sometimes they can't speak. So I'm shown how they died. I'm shown the trauma, and I'm given their burdens so they're able to go Home and reconnect. Once I have acknowledged what is needed, Father takes them home. I can see in my mind's eye his loving reach for them, and the hugs, and love... The party that is always going at Home, the pure bliss of Him and the universe, and all that encompasses.

And sometimes I get pure negatives, entities, poltergeists and more. And they play games, and tricks.. Intending to hurt or distract. They will hide so I don't sense them. I've had them run at me (how terrifying) out of fear... it's almost to say "I've found you! I've found you! Take me Home!" and we go through the same acknowledgements. Sometimes I see them going "upstairs" to Home ... And sometimes I am guided to send them "downstairs" to Gaia to ground themselves and reconnect to a new frequency and try again. (it's how I'm shown what is happening, quite literally "THE" staircase)

I release those burdens taken from ones passed on through varying forms of release, including giving it to my mentor to ground and eliminate.

What we all need whether we are transitioning, living, or stuck after death is compassion, love and acknowledgement. not the fear of being judged or shamed for the human experiences that were intended for us, including how we die. You can be good for all the wrong reasons, and bad for all the right reasons so who is anyone, to judge?

It takes a community we can't do this alone.

The kick for me about this, was last year just before Christmas time we lost my husbands grandfather at 89 years old. His name? Ernest. And I took his fear and pain around transitioning and helped him find his way Home, Ernest and I always had an understanding, and he felt unheard, not seen and not loved through his lifetime and he shared that with me over the years. I held no judgement for what has happened, or the mistakes he made. And it was all my pleasure to be able to help him in his last moments with us here in this dimension. I painted him a beautiful picture as he was transitioning, it now sits beside his chair in his home where his wife is.

A painting done to help transition a family member. Psychic medium. Global. healer. empath. Marliana Alisemon
Ernest's Painting

You can see how this movie resonated with me so powerfully, truthfully on many levels! Have you had resonating experiences like this one? Drop me a line I'd love to hear about it.

One more for today. This one is chills about music and the person who created it. Lady GaGa. Some hints shes dropped are exceedingly true about herself, and in her music. Google her tattoo on the back of her head, it's an Angel.

I encourage you to listen to a few of her songs. One would be "Edge of Glory" It is written for her grandfather, but it screams truth in every aspect. Same with her songs "Million Reasons" and "Angel Down" even "Sine from Above"

She is a truth right in front of us, with messages to listen to, and open up our limited beliefs to.

I can share, that when He (Spirit, Source... Or as I know and love Him; Ishmael) is with me I hear "Edge of Glory" this song on the radio, my music apps, in my mind's eye so loudly. In times of stress I will often hear "Million reasons" and its an opportunity to strengthen my faith in myself and my purpose and a remembering to surrender to my Highest Good, to Spirit (Ishmael) and let it all flow with ease, no forcing.

I would absolutely love to hear some of the truths you've come across along your journey, so don't hesitate to reach out and start a conversation!

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