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Arch Angel in the Sky

Arch Angels in the Sky worldwide psychic medium marliana alisemon. empath. healer. energyworker
Arch Angel

Good Morning and welcome back. Arch Angel in the sky you say?!

If you're new here, welcome! My name is Marliana Alisemon, worldwide psychic medium, empath, healer and energyworker. This is where I share my experiences as a spiritual and sentient being, as well as all things spiritual.

This past weekend myself and my family headed out to Brooks, AB for a wellness expo I was participating in. The expo was great. The group of gals who run the Brooks Wellness Expo were warm and welcoming, inviting and the vendors were very much the same. I truly had a beautiful day and had the opportunity to meet new faces and friends.

worldwide psychic medium marliana alisemon
Worldwide Psychic Medium Marliana Alisemon

What I wanted to share, was the drive home for my husband and I. By the time we had packed up from the expo,and then back to the hotel and packed up there and check out I was pretty much done. Tired but extremely content and filled with joy and gratitude for all of it. My husband was awesome and chose to do all of the packing up for me and drive us back to Calgary as my back injuries and neuropathy were flaring up. (he's a good dude I tell you!)

We stopped at Tim's (Tim Hortons LOL)to grab a small dinner for the drive home and we were off. My son fell asleep almost instantly with his movie on his tablet (Obsessed right now with Nightmare Before Christmas) , and my husband and I decided to drive in the quiet and enjoy each other.

sleeping kitty worldwide psychic medium marliana alisemon. empath. healer. energyworker.

I was a bit out of it I had done 7 sessions that day and my brain was for lack of a better word to describe it... Tofu. No intellectual things coming from me I'll tell you hahaha!

I was drinking my water and just chatting with my husband when we both fell silent. I started noticing this gorgeous bright white light in the sky, and it wasn't moving with the other clouds, or with the car it stayed where it was. My husband definitely noticed it as soon as I started to mention it, he said "You see it too?" I nodded my head yes.

And I stared at it. almost in disbelief for what seemed like forever. The sky was beginning its transition in to dusk and the sunset was endless, magical... vast. (Good old prairie sunsets)

sunset in the prairies worldwide psychic medium marliana alisemon empath healer energyworker

And the sky began to shift. It went from sunset to green, like your heart chakra. And the green was turning into flames licking the evening dusk sky. It turned into a dome around us the green flames licking the night sky while this gorgeous white light sat there with us. Craig couldn't believe his eyes, and there was a part of me that felt this was all so impossible.

My husband is also connected. and he felt some concern so I suggested he ask what he was seeing. And he kept getting on a loop "Arch Angel Ezekiel" and in confirming it was Him (Spirit), and the Arch Angel in the sky. Spirit (I know Him by Ishmael.... Translated means "God Listens") was with us as well as Ezekiel.

I watched the flames for minutes, flowing so freely into the night sky, little electric lines of yellow were shooting up through them. And I could start to see a bunch, and I mean a bunch of other white lights come forth through the flames. I said to Craig "Something is happening" and he looked as best he could as he was driving so I described it to him.

Heart chakra worldwide psychic medium marliana alisemon empath healer energy
Heart Chakra

The lights came through the green flames, to the front. They were so bright and shiny.. almost like a small LED crystal ball all lit up, but hundreds of them. And they swirled around moving together to make this shape. I cant explain the shape, but it was very similar to the kundalini snake, and S... the number 5. I can't explain this, really.

The shape stayed for seconds, and then backed into the flames out of sight. The green flames stayed for another minute or so, slowly fading out. All of a sudden it was dusk again, and the sun was almost gone behind the prairie hills.

The Arch Angel in the sky left me speechless. God left me speechless. The tears were readily there for me. I was filled with so much love and joy, contentment. They just started spilling out of my eyes so freely. Craig reached over and grabbed my hand and held it so lovingly. (he's used to my tears hahahaha) and I started talking to Him. I didnt realize it at first, but I caught up to what I was saying. I thanked him and all of our team for life, for this world, the moment. My path and purpose, my heart and health and for all of these experiences that are intended for me. I felt His love so strongly.

Since that evening, I have felt my wings on my back so clearly. I feel them now.

(I've felt them off and on before, but it is consistent now)

Thanks' for joining along on my journey! I'm on Social Media, click the links below to follow my journey!

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