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Pause for the Cause

Updated: Jan 19

January is always a time of clearing, purging and releasing for myself and my family. It is always the month that feels the slowest and of course as humans "winter" we become slower also as it is a time of replenish and rest.

This is my month, where I "Pause for the Cause" I slow down. Really slow down. With my injuries I have my limits to begin with but I do tend to slow it down more in January. And what that looks like for me may not look like that at all for you. It's that "Spiritual Recipe" I keep bringing up. One day it will be a blog post, I have every intention of getting there, haha!

For me it is an entire life re-centering, re-focus and a time to let go of what isn't serving us as a family anymore, and what no longer serves me personally. I tend to focus more on my self care practice, meditation and working to release that stagnant energy build up in my own field and in my home. I also focus on knowledge I mean what a great time to read and learn and grow!

Some days, just like the rest of us I get caught up in social media, the news, tabloids and I completely lose myself, my day and my intentions. And you know something, at the end of those days I feel more "disconnected" from my Highest Good, my God and my Self, so I work to keep those days at a minimum, to me that's not a pause for the cause... It's a complete distraction. Lord knows there are a million distractions from the cause in today's society.

Right now my home feels a little stagnant, lower vibration and this is telling me I have some items, belongings and emotions here that aren't serving my Highest Good anymore. This week my cause is purging, cleaning out closets and pantry's, storage in the basement and out in our garage. A lot is being donated, posted up for free or given to friends and family who we think may enjoy the things we no longer do and the rest is responsibly disposed of.

And as I go room by room and clean out I can feel the energy shifting in my home. It's almost a Hawaiian trade wind of clear light energy flowing through the floors and walls. Really quite beautiful and comforting, uplifting even!

I also notice my family. Really notice them. If I pause long enough I see them and how the energy in our home shifts and changes in them when we need to clear. My son becomes more anxious and irritable and my husband becomes restless and feels like he needs to do everything. Even our house pig (tuxedo cat) gets a little weird.

My friend and my uncle the Late Johnny V Mills would always "Pause for the Cause" at his shows. And when he did that it was about connection to his friends and family, and making new friends. Actively listening to stories and sharing his own experiences with every one. And isn't this what life is? Connection and shared experience? I learned a lot from this man in my teen years and early 20's.

So I pause often. I observe and listen. I share and laugh and find connections through our experiences. Stop to smell the pine trees... eventually the flowers (oh winter). as we progress through winter into spring. Let the sun beat on my face, feel the life giving breeze flow through my hair. Feel my own breath, in and out.

When we live in distraction not only do we accomplish so little within Self, and externally we just plain miss life. We miss experiences, we miss signs and connections. So much we miss everyday. If we all paused more often... Can you imagine what we'd find?

How do you "Pause for the Cause"? Is January your time of refocus and centering of Self, purge and flow? I'd love to hear your experiences and stories. Drop me a line!

"If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" - Ferris Bueller

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